August 17, 2011

I’ve told you a million times how much you mean to me. But I wonder if you ever believe it. I’ve written you poems, lullabies, notes, texts, emails, and blogs. But do you ever get it? Will you ever see what I see? The beauty in the wreckage. The strength in the weakness. The calm in the storm.

When I met you I never thought I’d love you like this. Like a child loves a teddy bear that it holds during the scariest of storms. Like a mother lovesĀ a redheaded step child. Like a lover loves a first love. So intimate, yet…so innocent.

I wonder if you’ll end up a tragedy. Or if you’ll end up being a beautiful piece in my life forever like an antique vase passed down for generations…beautiful memories with a priceless tag.

I wonder if someday we’ll write about these times. We’ll laugh undoubedtly, for these are the years that seem so important, so life changing…yet this is just the beginning. Or have we passed our prime?

We changed the world when we met. We threw caution to the wind and began something wonderful. Like a daily rollercoaster ride met with ups and downs, our hair blowing in the wind as we scream with fear and excitement combined. We changed history.

Wherever you go. Whatever you do. It’s always going to be just me and you.