November 10, 2011

Sex is just sex, or so it is said. I used to believe that, but a few situations have reminded me that we, as humans do a few different things that ultimately make sex, not just sex. 

First, you get acquainted with someone, comfortable with them during the act. They see you at your most physically vulnerable…naked. 

Second, if it’s a repeating act, it becomes familiar and a friendship or some sort of “expectation” begins to emerge.

Third, sex is an act of acceptance…and most people want to, in some way, be accepted.

Sex isn’t just sex. It’s acceptance, bonding, vulnerability. And when that changes, the person feels rejected. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. 

Recently, a friend of mine was “cut off” from the occasional trysts that she and a friend had. Even more recently, a friend “cut off” the physical relationship with a friend that they had. Ultimately, both situations ended in hard feelings, feelings of rejection, and led to a couple of disappointing situations. Sex isn’t just sex….use it wisely. 

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