October 27, 2011

He sent me flowers. He’s in the middle of a war and he sent me flowers. I’m not his girlfriend, his fiance or his wife, but he sent me flowers. Wow. 

I met him in May. He was nearing the end of his two week leave from Afghanistan. I met him on a Friday night while out downtown with a dear friend. We stopped at a local coffee shop, got our favorite Mexican hot chocolate and began to talk. There was this fine looking gentleman in a red hooded sweatshirt with machine guns all over it. My friend joked on facebook “she’s in love.” 

I went over to him and said something to the effect of “I dont want to be creepy but that is a really cool jacket!” He also had a gun strapped to his side. Jeepers. 

He was with his dad, a SGT in the army and a JROTC instructor. There as an evangelist out that night, talking to people. Doing what evangelists do I presume. He and his dad were engaged in some conversation. I kept looking over and laughing. My friend maintained that I was in love. He might have been right. After the evangelist bugged everyone on the patio of the coffee shop, my friend and I began conversing with this stud and his dad. We began talking about the army and such. I put on his super cool digi-camo motorcycle helmet. Yep, at this point I was in love. Oh, and he rides a yellow BMW bike. Yep, sealed the deal. I exchanged information with his dad after he found out I was in ROTC. He said he needed chaperons for field exercises. Sure! 

About an hour later I received a hilarious email on my blackberry from the boy in the red rad jacket. He gave me his number and asked me out. We texted back and forth for a while and decided to go out the next night. We met up in a parking lot of a department store. I got in his truck. We rode around the city as the rain poured from the sky. 4 hours we rode around. Once the rain let up we went to a playground and swung on the swingset for a while. And at the end of the night, we stood in that parking lot for over an hour waiting for a kiss. It happened. It might have been the best kiss of my life. 

He left that Tuesday. We email as frequently as we can. He recently said “I sometimes think about how much I dont want to date when I come back, and then I remember how awesome you are.” I’m sold. Then he sends me flowers? Really really sold. 

I could be really good to him. Excellent in fact. I could listen to war stories. I could wipe his tears when he visits the graves of his battle buddies. I could hug him when he’s having a bad day. I can do that. I want to do that. I want to be that girl that he can call his own. The one that makes him feel like no other girl has made him feel. Because for the past few months he has made me feel like no one else has ever made me feel. He’s goofy and fun, he’s guarded but he’s kind. I hope the flowers are just the continuation of something that I’ve been waiting for. Let the fairy tale begin. 

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